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Said to be, "The Friendliest RV Park in Arizona".

If we're not the ONLY RV Park in Catalina, Arizona, we ARE the oldest and we think the BEST!

      Hello RVers.  Sorry I'm so slow at updating this site.  There was a lot going on here.  Last January, was the busiest all time month in the history of the good ole Wishing Well RV Park!!!  We had a very busy Winter season and it looked a lot like the good old days back in the late 90's when we were so full that we were running electrical cords across the driveways just to provide temporary power until we could get folks into a regular space. 
     Things were really jumping around here and that's the way we like it!!!  In spite of one of those rare Winter's where we get a lot of rain and cool weather, no one seemed to let that bother them in their Quest to get here and enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  We really like that too!! 
     So when the weather begins getting cold up North, get in that RV or drag those trailers down here to the Wishing Well and join us for some great fun and fellowship! 
Hopefully, this coming season will be one of our usual warm and dry winters so we can do more.  If you really have to see snow, you can look at Mount Lemmon from the comfort of your RV here and realize you don't have to walk through it, shovel it or fall down in it.  Wouldn't that be great? 

      Anyway, we did things a little differently last season.  One of our new guests is a surviving wife of a Special Forces pilot who died in a horrific crash during a mission.  We thank him for his service and ultimate sacrifice and Julie for her difficult sacrifice also!  However, since then, each year the 'Special Forces' guys with her husbands unit, send her a complete meal for Thanksgiving.  It included a precooked turkey, ham and all the side dishes for around 20 people.  She decided to share it with anyone in the park who had no family or friends to go to for the holiday.  Thank you Julie.  Everyone had a great time and there was enough food left over that anyone interested was able to have sandwiches and sides later.  Those who attended brought some of their favorite dishes and desserts to share too.  We had desserts that covered the laundry machines!  It was a good time of food and fellowship for all of us. Thanks again Julie and everyone who attended and brought goodies to share. 
     We'll have to see when Julie gets back this Fall, if that is going to play out again this season. 

       For Christmas Day, we did it again!  Only this time Julie was away visiting family so Denise and I did a 22lb turkey.  Someone else brought a ham and we had folks bringing everything needed to make last Christmas meal a true feast. "GOD bless us everyone", to quote a favorite Dickens play.  Our boss lady, Kiki, also contributed.  Earlier in that week she brought over a huge tray of home baked cookies she made with her own little hands.  They lasted almost a day.  She also brought some other items for the feast.  Everything went really well and everyone had a good time visiting and there was lots of food to go around and even lots of leftovers.  Several folks helped clean up and then it was time for card games.  Phase 10 seems to be one of the favorites around here.  If you haven't played, it's a blast and easy to learn.  So join us here this next season for some great fun!

     The Owners and management want to thank everyone for their participation that made both of our holiday potlucks a BIG Success!  GOD Bless you all. 

      Because of unusually cold and wet weather last season, we didn't have another potluck until near the end of the season.  A few of our guests informed Denise and I upon returning home one Sunday afternoon that they wanted one last potluck!  We like that when our guests decide it's time for another potluck.  That brings back memories of the late ninety's when several couples would say, " Let's have another potluck"!  Or they would just begin cooking and others would join in by bringing food to their RV and then others would do the same and before we knew, there was a large gathering of RVers sitting around visiting and eating good food! 
     We had to postpone that last potluck for a week to give everyone a chance to make their favorite dishes planned and made but once we got together, it went really well.  We had a couple turkey's left over from Thanksgiving in the freezer, so they were brought out and our good friend Sue cooked them.  Lot's of side dishes and desserts.  Not a complaint from the crowd!   

 Flash Note!!!!    This is a wonderful little community with many good small business people.  However, before choosing a mechanic shop or a place to get your brakes done, please ask a local including the management here, who is the most reliable and has the best reputation. Please don't go off on your own not knowing the area and get burned!  It has happened too many times and we hate to see our guests ripped off!! 
     A good place to start would be 'Master Tech',  just about a half mile South of us on the East side of Oracle Road.  We take our vehicles to Brad there and so do many of our friends. 
     Please avoid the Brake Max in Oro Valley because they have ripped off at least one of our guests/friends in the past!  Just a little free advertising for them.         

    We didn't have a Super Bowl party this year as the weather was not cooperating.  It was really rainy and cold and most everyone decided to stay in their own RV/Trailer and enjoy the game.  As for me and Denise, when the Packers were knocked out, we mostly lost interest in the Super Bowl.   Guess there is always next year.  Go PACKERS!!!

We want to mention that any of you out there who own ATV's and love to go exploring, this is a good place for you!  We recently had a couple with an ATV who asked if there was anywhere around here to ride.  We gave them a couple suggestions for riding around Catalina and apparently we did good because they came back and said, "they had a great time!"  Besides, unlike other parks, we won't charge you an extra fee for having an ATV/extra vehicle.  We have always allowed for two vehicles per space anyway.  Besides, we don't really consider an ATV a regular vehicle like a car or truck!  All we ask is that you be respectful of our other guests and observe our five MPH speed limit within the park.  So come to the Wishing Well and have fun!     


     The Wishing Well RV Park is an older well established park located Northwest of the Santa Catalina Mountain Range in the small but growing community of Catalina, Arizona.  The Mountain range East of the Park has a 9,800 foot. peak and is beautiful to behold at sunrise and sunset. (Does Purple Mountain Majesty bring anything to mind?)  As the managers, and having been here now for over eighteen years, we have seen some amazing color changes to the mountains during the rainy season in the Winter and the Monsoon in the Summer.  We have seen the mountain range turn a beautiful golden color when the sunset is just right, or go from pink to a deep purple with the added humidity in the air.  Our guests enjoy having their morning coffee while watching the sunrise over the Catalina's. 

     Our guests can enjoy their morning coffee in our Community Center
! Occasionally, there is some sort of goody to enjoy with the coffee.  Having worked with police doing armed security, Denise and I are partial to donuts.  Imagine that!  LOL!  We get retired police officers through the park from time to time and along with our military men and women, we thank them all for their service.
     We have two restrooms, one with a large shower.  Our guests have 24 hour access thanks to Denise putting a combination lock on the back door.  So when the building is locked up at night, our guests can still get in for a quick shower, to stretch out on the sofa for some reading or TV, or even get a head start on laundry.        

     By the way, we have satellite TV in the community center this Season, courtesy of the managers and Dish Network who supplied the new DVR Receiver.  Now our guests will be able to record a show while watching another so hopefully no good shows will be missed.  We are always looking for new ways to make our guests stay as enjoyable as possible.  Unfortunately guys, the Sports PPV and girlie channels will be restricted.  Sorry bout that!  LOL 

     For those of you who have noticed so many satellite dishes sitting around so many of the parks you've visited, it is because those folks want their TV with them wherever they go so they don't miss any of their favorite programs.  Any of you interested, we have coupons for free satellite systems and on occasion, Dish Network even offers free installation!  Just ask the managers for details. 


      This year many of our regular guests will be returning and we always look forward to seeing them and meeting new friends who have never visited us before.  So please stop by and see why we've been called one of the friendliest RV Parks in Arizona!

If you are not familiar with our RV Park and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are and we will be more than happy to help.