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Said to be, "The Friendliest RV Park in Arizona".

We are the ONLY RV Park in Catalina, Arizona.

     No more Construction Updates!  It's all done and works well.  No one seems to have problems getting in and out of our RV Park.
     We had our annual Guest Appreciation Cookout yesterday, 3/9/2016.  Denise and I want to thank all of our guests for staying with us and contributing to yesterdays successful potluck.  We also want to thank our chefs, Henry and Dwayne for not burning the burgers and dogs.  LOL.  Actually, they did a marvelous job and we appreciate them for risking the smoke and heat.  We also want to thank everyone who brought the tasty side dishes and desserts and a special thanks to those who stayed behind and helped us clean up.  We were exhausted at the end of the day but happy that another potluck went so well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Denise and I believe we have the nicest and friendliest people in the whole country that choose to come and be our guests here.  We love everyone of you as if you were close family.   We hope to add on to our family with the next season and the next and the next.  Well. you get the idea.
     We went through 10lbs. of burgers and about 5lbs. of beef hotdogs!  There was more food that we all could eat from potato salad and seafood salad to baked beans, chips, dips and desserts.  Everyone had a wonderful time eating and visiting. 
     Our favorite musical dual, Jerry and Radonna entertained us with more lovely music.  Jerry was on the guitar and Radonna the flute.  We know we've said it before but it is amazing the wonderful sounds that come from those two instruments played together.  Many thanks to them as always for making our get togethers that much nicer. 
     Not sure if that will be the last potluck of this season or not.  Someone mentioned they would like to see a Mexican food buffet of some sort so we may or may not get that in yet depending on how long the season goes.   If you missed this last potluck, make sure you plan your next RV trip around the Wishing Well.  So come on and see why everyone says the Wishing Well RV Park is the 'Friendliest RV Park' in Arizona!  Not to mention the eatingest RV Park in the country too we think.  Ha Ha.  Eat your hearts out so called RV Resorts! 
Wendy and Denise

    Now for more important 'Park news'.  Remember that Chili Cook-off we the management have been wanting?  Well, Saturday, 1/23/2016, it happened!!!  See the photo above under the photo of the Office and Community Center.  From left to right, First Place Prize was a $25.00 Sam's/Walmart gift card that went to Norm and Mary for their 'White Chicken Veggie Chili' .  Second Place which won a DVD Boxed Set of  'Planet of the Apes' movies went to Radonna and Jerry (in the middle) who also played live wonderful music for us after the judging.  Radonna played the flute and Jerry was on the guitar.  Amazing sound from those two instruments.  Third Place prize and my favorite was, a DVD titled, 'Cinderella', Rogers and Hammerstein's masterpiece of the old 'Fairy Tale', 50th Anniversary Edition which went to Pam and Dennis.  
     We all had a difficult time judging as all the chili's were really yummy.  Thank you, to everyone that took the time to create their own family recipes.  And thank you, to all of our folks that took time out and spent the better part of the afternoon at Wishing Well's Chili Cook Off Event.  A BIG THANK YOU to Jerry and Radonna for the special music entertainment.  Wonderfully talented!  We hope they will play for us again sometime.
     The weather couldn't have been better and was so nice that we decided to hold our event outside.  It was sunny and a little overcast with just a slight breeze that made sitting outside comfortable.   So much better than what many of our family members were suffering through in other parts of the country.  From early reports, everyone seemed to have a great time!  Lots of good food and fellowship and there were many compliments for the live music.    Some have already asked us to begin planning another get together outside soon.  That will probably be a Pizza Party with our friends from 'National Pizza Party Inc.' 

 Flash Note!!!!    This is a wonderful little community with many good small business people.  However, before choosing a mechanic shop or a place to get your brakes done, please ask a local including the management here, who is the most reliable and has the best reputation. Please don't go off on your own not knowing the area and get burned!  It has happened too many times and we hate to see our guests ripped off!!  
     We hope all our friends had a Wonderful Holiday Season.  We had a nice quiet Christmas gathering at the community center.  One of our newest and youngest resident couple brought homemade 'Chicken and Dumplings!  It was nice of them to cook for us and the homemade dumplings were delicious and wonderful!  There was plenty for all of us.  Thank you Jennifer and Lance.  We also had sandwiches and cookies and candy galore!  We all sat and watched and laughed at the holiday movie favorite, 'Home Alone' .  Funny as ever!  Not a big crowd but a good time. 
     New years was rainy, damp and cold and no one really seemed in the mood for a New Years Party.  First time in 12 years that Denise and I have managed that we didn't party hardy with our guests to bring in the New Year.  We are going to blame the 'El Nino' weather pattern that has given us wetter and colder weather during the holidays than up in New York for crying out loud.  Today, January 7, 2016, it has been cold and raining all morning with fierce winds and it just started snowing.  HUGE FLAKES!!! Denise and I are considering moving somewhere warmer.  Maybe New York City?  LOL!!!  Oh well, maybe the weather will be cooperative for next New Years Day. 
     For all of you who have not spent much time in the Tucson, Arizona area, we can have a year like this every now and again.  Last time it snowed with any accumulation was 3-4 years ago.  We got 2 inches but happily it was gone in a couple days.  Remember, our weather here in a normal Winter is usually warm and dry while the rest of the country is buried up to their knees in that lovely white stuff.  So our weather will return to normal soon and we'll once again have  warm days with lots of sunshine and blue skies with temps in the upper sixties and lower mid  seventies.  At least that's what Denise and I are telling ourselves today while the snow falls.  LOL!

Okay everyone!  Our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck on Sunday, November 29th was fabulous!!!  We had 22 in attendance and a HUGE 19 lb. turkey!  Denise got it on the grill at 0 dark 30, 6:30 our time with a little help from me, and by Noon, the meat was falling off the bone.  The Park owner, Tom did the carving for us this year as Susie wasn't here.  (Everyone missed you Sue.)  Hurry up and get here please.  There was a ton of great food and everyone had their fill, even Evangelos. LOL.  Anyone that knows him, knows he has a hollow leg and can really put it away.  Only had a couple small bowls of meat left over, so a few of us got some turkey sandwiches.  Thank you as always for everyone who pitched in to make this years FEAST a Whopping Success!
     The Pizza Party went really well.  We needed a minimum of 30 attendees to make it feasible for 'National Pizza Party Inc' to come out this far an we had 33!  Yeah!  Denise and I didn't have to make up the difference.  Everyone seemed to get their fill of pizza and salad and I heard nothing but compliments on the quality of the pizza! 
     Jacob did a wonderful job of keeping the table supplied with lots of different tasty pizzas and happily decorated them per request!  He even made the managers a special turkey pepperoni for us to take home for later as we were too busy visiting with everyone.
     Several of our guests said, we may have to do that again soon.  Thank you Nathan.  Your pizza was as good as we remembered and we will do that again! 

     Previously, we spoke with Nathan at National Pizza Party this week and we scheduled a 'PIZZA PARTY' for February 8th right after 'Superbowl Sunday'!  Nathan assured me that they use only the real pizza crusts and not tortillas like the two ladies served us.  He stated they were impostors and did NOT represent his company that Pizza Dave founded years ago.  He assured me that the pizza is as good as it ever was.  Trust me it was always good before.  So come join us for a good time visiting and munching pizza.  The crew usually allows our group to have our pizza made to order with our specifications.  If you have any topping that you'd prefer that they don't have, just bring it with you.  The price has gone up slightly to $7.00 per person which isn't too bad for all you can eat pizza.  We may pick up some bags of salad in case any one wants a salad with their pizza.  So come on get here so you can join us for some great pizza and fellowship.  Friends are always welcome.  We just need to know by this weekend to make sure Nathan brings enough crusts and toppings. 

     The New England Patriots and the Seattle Sea Hawks! 
Prove to be a Great game?  That was an under statement!  WOW!!!  What a game!  It was an edge of your seat, nail biting, hair puller that had everyone guessing the outcome till the end!  However, someone had to lose but in spite of some of the broken-hearted Sea Hawks fans, everyone seemed to have a good time.  For a few of the uninterested non-football fans, Denise and I took them to our place after the pigout and we watched a movie instead.  All in all it was a really nice day.  Thank you to all for the good food and -setup.  And a special thank you to Sue, Jim and Sharon and anyone else that helped with the cleanup.  Your help was so greatly appreciated!    

     We want to mention that any of you out there who own ATV's and love to go exploring, this is a good place for you!  We recently had a couple with an ATV who asked if there was anywhere around here to ride.  We gave them a couple suggestions for riding around Catalina and apparently we did good because they came back and said, "they had a great time!"  Besides, unlike other parks, we won't charge you an extra fee for having an ATV/extra vehicle.  We have always allowed for two vehicles per space anyway.  All we ask is that you be respectful of our other guests and observe our five MPH speed limit within the park.  So come to the Wishing Well and have fun!     


     The Wishing Well RV Park is an older well established park located Northwest of the Santa Catalina Mountain Range in the small but growing community of Catalina, Arizona.  The Mountain range East of the Park has a 9,800 foot. peak and is beautiful to behold at sunrise and sunset. (Does Purple Mountain Majesty bring anything to mind?)  As the managers, and having been here now for over eighteen years, we have seen some amazing color changes to the mountains during the rainy season in the Winter and the Monsoon in the Summer.  We have seen the mountain range turn a beautiful golden color when the sunset is just right, or go from pink to a deep purple with the added humidity in the air.  Our guests enjoy having their morning coffee while watching the sunrise over the Catalina's. 

     Our guests can enjoy their morning coffee in our Community Center
! Occasionally, there is some sort of goody to enjoy with the coffee.  Having worked with police doing armed security, Denise and I are partial to donuts.  Imagine that!  LOL!  We get retired police officers through the park from time to time and along with our military men and women, we thank them all for their service.
     We have two restrooms, one with a large shower.  Our guests have 24 hour access thanks to Denise putting a combination lock on the back door.  So when the building is locked up at night, our guests can still get in for a quick shower, to stretch out on the sofa for some reading or TV, or even get a head start on laundry.        

     By the way, we have satellite TV in the community center this Season, courtesy of the managers and Dish Network who supplied the new DVR Receiver.  Now our guests will be able to record a show while watching another so hopefully no good shows will be missed.  We are always looking for new ways to make our guests stay as enjoyable as possible.  Unfortunately guys, the Sports PPV and girlie channels will be restricted.  Sorry bout that!  LOL 

     For those of you who have noticed so many satellite dishes sitting around so many of the parks you've visited, it is because those folks want their TV with them wherever they go so they don't miss any of their favorite programs.  Any of you interested, we have coupons for free satellite systems and on occasion, Dish Network even offers free installation!  Just ask the managers for details. 


      This year many of our regular guests will be returning and we always look forward to seeing them and meeting new friends who have never visited us before.  So please stop by and see why we've been called one of the friendliest RV Parks in Arizona!

If you are not familiar with our RV Park and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are and we will be more than happy to help.