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     The management team of Denise & Wendy are famous for our impromptu pot lucks.  One Winter Season alone, we had over 18, one of which was a morning brunch with over 60 guests in attendance!  All a guest has to do is say, " Let's have a potluck" and off we go!  Everyone pitches in and within a short time, it's time to munch.  The food is always delicious and more than enough! 
  Before running the Wishing Well, we were involved with armed security and personnel protection.  We are very protective of our guests and their property.  Enough said about that!  We have also driven 18-wheelers over the road in all 48 contiguous states.  Any of you drivers who are weary and need a safe place to plug in and relax for a day or so, check us out.  We promise your rig will be safe and that's worth the price of admission!  We have a special place in our hearts for OTR truckers.  Our younger brother, Rodney, is an owner-operator for FedEx, Custom Critical, and stops here from time to time when he's passing through.  He loves it here and always feels like he's on vacation.  Unbelievably, he was able to spend the holidays with us this year which is a rarity!  We had a blast and he made some new friends!
     Anyway, after a few years we bought our own truck which was an expediter for 'hot shot type loads.  Being a team, we could get the merchandise across country quickly!  That was short lived as an 18-wheeler driver decided he wanted our part of the highway more than us and an accident ensued.  Denise had to have back surgery and that  ended our driving careers.  No problem though as we really enjoy running the Wishing Well.  During rodeo time, we have been known to dress up in our Western duds complete with our REAL 45 Long Colt pistols for picture time.  Our guests are welcome to join the fun, however, no gunfights on park property.  LOL.  Our mugs must be all over the Country by now and even in some foreign countries as we have had guests from Canada, Britain, Germany, France and recently, Australia.  Come on Aussies, you'll be among friends here.  Everyone regardless of Nationality, race, religion, creed, etc. etc., is welcome here just as long as they want to relax, enjoy life and have a good time.  With
GOD's will and the approval of the Georgelos family we'll do this until age makes us give it up. 
     During the off Season, Wendy has a part time job working for a local Chiropractor,
Dr. Trudy Walker, owner of 'Catalina Mountain Chiropractic', who is 'extremely talented' and very gifted at getting to the cause of your pain.  If any of you need an adjustment after your long drive here or some strenuous activity like hiking, golf or whatever, Dr. Trudy is ready to straighten your spine out again.  Denise and I are still occasional patients and we both highly recommend her.
     So come join us and see how much fun we all have here at the 'WISHING WELL RV PARK'!