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     The Wishing Well RV Park is locally owned by the Georgelos family.  Tom and his wife, Kiki keep close tabs on how the park is run and make sure the bills are paid.  They own a wonderful little restaurant at Three Points, called the 'Three Points Restaurant'.  The restaurant is neat and clean. The cuisine is mostly American with a hint of Greek flavor.  All the food is VERY TASTY!  However, we're not sure if Tom will open the restaurant this year.  He would really like to sell it and begin enjoying retirement.  If anyone knows of someone who would like to buy a nice turn key business and take over the Three Points Restaurant, drop us a line at the park e-mail or call us.  Just click on the CONTACT US button and all the info to get to us is there.  Come on you business minded folks, Tom made a good living with that restaurant and so can you! 

     The RV Park is managed by two sisters, Denise and Wendy.  Denise with her mechanical aptitude and abilities, keeps everything running just right.  Wendy is the pencil pusher and keeps the office intact.  We have lived at the Wishing Well for over 20 years, and have managed a total of twelve of those years.  We both have management experience in the past, but this was a brand new experience and we love it.  We can hardly wait for the Fall each year and the arrival of our first guests!  It's always like 'Old Home Week'.  
     Just a note folks, during the Summer months we're not real busy with RVers so we take that time to get doctor and dentist visits out of the way.  We also like to reacquaint ourselves with local friends and even occasionally enjoy playing tourist and visiting some of the great attractions around Tucson and Pima County.  So far in the Spring we visited the Botanical Gardens and went through the 'Butterfly Room'.  How cool that was with all the exotic butterflies!!!  At one point, Denise had four of them land on her arm and one walked to the middle of her right hand!  How cool is that?  We totally recommend it! 
     However, if you plan on coming by for a visit, don't be surprised if we're not home.  Just please call first as I, Wendy have a part time job, mornings doing insurance work for one of the Country's best Chiropractors.  I've worked for Dr. Trudy Walker of 'Catalina Mountain Chiropractic', going on ten (10) years now!  Wow!  How time flies when you're having fun.  I love my jobs and this day and age that's rare!
     Denise and I are also Sabbath keepers.  That means sundown Friday to sundown on Saturday, we spend as much of our time in prayer and meditation with our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ as we can.  We do our best to not conduct business on that day but will make exceptions for getting our guests parked and settled in at the park.  We will also try to visit folks that we know who are in the hospital or nursing home. So, in any case, during the Summer months especially, if you don't find us or get us on the phone immediately, please just come in, park, plug in and get comfortable and we'll find you when we get home.  Thanks.        
     By the way, we are a small friendly community type park with long time residents and Winter guests many of whom return yearly.  We are set in the small unincorporated community of Catalina, AZ. about 18 miles North of downtown Tucson.  Our location is within a mile of a major grocery store, four miles from a large shopping center complete with a WalMart and many fine retail stores and restaurants.  We are also only approximately five miles from a Medical Center with an Urgent Care facility even closer. We have some fine cafes and restaurants within walking distance for those of you who would prefer your kitchen down the street. 
     The town of Catalina is growing steady with new businesses going up around us.  We now have a 'Tractor Supply Store right here in Catalina!  Lots of fun stuff you wouldn't expect to find in a store that caters to the farm and ranch community.  Check it out for yourself.  Claire's Cafe is still going strong.  Their annual Thanksgiving Dinner where they feed anyone and everyone for free a nice turkey dinner for free, for the first time in history actually ran out of food this year.  They had over 350lbs of turkey!  Unbelievable!  Food is always good there and we highly recommend Claire's to all of our guests.
     There are several fairly new housing developments North of us where some of our guests who visit and fall in love with the desert and mountain views decide to leave the North land and buy and settle here.  Compared to other parts of the country, there is very little crime in Catalina and we like it that way!  We have no problems here at the Wishing Well and our guests have told us they feel very safe and secure here.  We like that too.

     Now, the views of the West side of the Catalina mountains are breathtaking especially in the morning when the sun comes peaking over the top for all you early risers.  We are also privy to some of the most spectacular sunsets you'll ever see.  We will eventually have some posted on the  website too.  During our Monsoon, the light shows are spectacular and although it is hot and humid, we do manage to endure sitting outside to watch nature's wonderful display of power and beauty.  We hope some of you passing through during the Summer months will stop by and check out the Monsoon with us.